Morning Music: Santa’s Lament

Don Novello: One Hundred Bulbs On the Christmas Tree PartyI have a good one for you this morning: “Santa’s Lament.” It comes to us from Don Novello, or as you probably know him, Father Guido Sarducci. The strange thing about Novello is that he doesn’t have much of a personality when he isn’t in character. Thus his comedy is usually done through some character or other. Another one of them is Lazlo Toth (like Laszlo Toth), sort of a typical ill-informed America. As I recall, he pestered Richard Nixon for years over some small amount of money “Lazlo” sent him for an appearance that Nixon had to cancel. It’s funny stuff.

Anyway, the thing about Novello is that he clearly doesn’t care much for Christmas. “Santa’s Lament” tells the story of a fed up Santa Claus. You see, people are always asking him for stuff, but they never ask what he wants. “You would not believe the letters I get!” He also has bad things to say about the elves and the reindeer. That especially applies to Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Santa explains exactly where that ungrateful reindeer would be without him. And it isn’t pretty!

7 thoughts on “Morning Music: Santa’s Lament

  1. Okay that was so annoying. The song was not very funny (although he has a good point) and the music was grating on my ears.

    You win this round Frank!

      • I would say NKOTB’s “Funky Funky XMas” but you don’t normally use anything from the US after 1975 or so so probably not.

        • Only because I’m several decades behind in my listening. OMG! I just watched it. Not even at my cruelest would I inflict that on you all. The band is great. But I can’t take those boys prancing around.

          • My older sister was obsessed with them so I spent years of my childhood being tortured by them. Probably why I never went through a boy band phase like most girls.

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