Morning Music: Home to My Emily

The Bob Newhart ShowProbably the first time I noticed that you could do interesting things with jazz arrangements was while watching The Bob Newhart Show in syndication. The song is called, “Home to My Emily.” I still love those kinds of Don Sebesky horn arrangements. Not that he has anything to do with The Bob Newhart Show them. And I have to admit that the song doesn’t quite do what it used to for me.

It was written by the show’s co-creator Lorenzo Music along with his wife, Henrietta Music. He is probably best known as the voice of Carlton the doorman on Rhoda. He was also apparently the voice of the lead character on Garfield. I never saw it. But Garfield does stand out in my mind as a push back to the trend in comics of the time, which was to actually be funny.

Anyway, here’s the theme song. It’s not bad:

4 thoughts on “Morning Music: Home to My Emily

  1. That was nice. Funny you should mention Don Sebesky. I listen to his “Giant Box” and Jim Hall “Concerto” albums often. Great arranger. I also was in love with Suzanne Pleshette as a young man. I hated to see her killed in the movie “The Birds”. That broke my heart.

    • Yeah, Sebesky is great. I first learned of him from his book, which taught me a lot about the craft. I know Giant Box but not Concerto.

      Didn’t she play the school teacher? I had forgotten that. I watch the film every few years. It’s not that it’s that great. But it was mostly filmed locally, and so it was a big deal when I was growing up. And I love the scene where the car blows up. I used to work in a gas station and I would ask smokers, “Haven’t you seen The Birds?!”

  2. Huh, it almost sounded like the start to the Carpenters’ “They Long To Be Close to You” then goes in a totally different direction. Music is fun.

    • I’m actually quite impressed with Richard Carpenter as a musician. He was a great songwriter, and clearly was the person pushing their music in more adventurous directions. Of course, Karen’s death ruins most of that music. Although I think it adds something to their version of “Superstar.”

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