Morning Comedy: Bob’s Burgers

Bob's BurgersYes, eventually we might get to some Thanksgiving music. But for now, I’m sticking with comedy. This is from the most recent Thanksgiving episode of Bob’s Burgers. Thanksgiving is Bob’s favorite holiday. Yet every year it is destroyed for him because he is living in a situation comedy. Actually, this episode turns out the best of any of them. Right now, you can watch the whole episode (which you should do): Gayle Makin’ Bob Sled.

We learn in this episode that Linda’s sister Gayle has been dating Phillip (Mister) Frond. But he dumped her, and she fell down and broke her ankle and now Bob has to go pick her up and of course everything goes wrong. In this scene, we see Bob pulling the wounded Gayle in a kid’s pool as he calls Linda and explains to her how to cook the turkey. He had previously called and told her that she would have to baste it. He explained how to baste and Linda responded, “That’s what basting is?!” Yes, like most things involved with cooking, it’s very easy. But this scene is much more tense:

2 thoughts on “Morning Comedy: Bob’s Burgers

  1. Oh, my God. I am Linda through and through. That look of terror and blank confusion on her face when Bob is explaining how to cook the turkey is exactly the look on my face when Mr. Typist asks me to boil water.

    • Really?! I didn’t know you were an anti-cook. It seems a lot of my women friends aren’t into cooking. It may be that they aren’t for the same reason I am: because it pushes against the gender stereotype. But for me (and this could well be true of Dennis), my work is so ethereal, that it is nice to have something so concrete to do. On the other hand, cleaning is concrete, and I don’t do much of that!

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