Morning Music: Farewell to Nova Scotia

The Parting Glass - Jesse FergusonI can’t believe how much I’m enjoying listening to Jesse Ferguson this week. Part of it is just that I’m in the mood for that British Isles kind of folk music. Or I guess, in his case, it is Canadian. But it is all very similar to my American ear. Regardless, he does have an absolutely fabulous voice.

Today, we listen to a live version of “Farewell to Nova Scotia” off his 2011 album, The Parting Glass. It is a traditional Nova Scotian song, which he is performing on St Ann’s Bay, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. He wrote, “It’s a shame I didn’t have the camera set up earlier since a bald eagle swooped over my head shortly before I hit record.” No big deal. I’ve had bald eagles swoop over my head. The music is a greater treat.

6 thoughts on “Morning Music: Farewell to Nova Scotia

  1. Our sons and daughters, they’ve all left.
    They’re gone Toronto, Vancouver way.
    And when we ask them when they’ll be coming home
    they have only this to say

    They say farewell to Nova Scotia, no jobs at all….

    • If it that bad there? I know so many people in Canada, I really should know more about the country. Ignorant American!

      • Briefly, the traditional industries are military supply and logistics, coal-mining, shipping, and fishing.

        With a few exceptions such as lobster, it really no longer is possible to make a living fishing in N.S. The coal mines are dirty and uneconomical and by now I think every single one has closed. The American military bases are all closed and the Canadian have been cut back drastically. Finally, most of the shipping has moved to the west coast so like almost all east coast ports, Halifax has a tiny fraction of the traffic it once had.

        Like anywhere, there’s always some commerce opening up so ‘no jobs at all’ surely is an exaggeration. But it’s pretty tight. Think about some part of the US totally dependent on the military base and imagine what it would be like 20 years or so after the base is closed.

        • You make it sounds like Detroit, but with different industries. I assume it still has tourism. The photos, at least, make it look very beautiful.

          • Probably got more going in the tourism file than Detroit! Yes, Canadian and American tourists both – though the ferry to Boston closed in the 70’s and the ferry to Maine about 10 years ago I believe. The summer is indeed beautiful in many places.

            I’ve had my fill of the big city. I’d move back to Halifax if I thought I could make a living.

            • Alas, that is the problem: making a living. I’m interested when the telecommuting is coming. Of course it has. My work is entirely done at home and I work with people on at least 3 continents (maybe four: we might also have someone in Tangier). But mostly, people don’t telecommute because bosses are addicted to control. As I recall, it is the Yahoo! CEO who just canceled their work from home program. There’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to work in Halifax — assuming you aren’t Harry Reid’s personal assistant or something.

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