Morning Music: Jesse Ferguson

Jesse FergusonHere we are with another week of morning music. I had an idea for a theme, but I drank a beer, and that is really all that it takes to totally upset my thinking patterns. But last week, I featured Jesse Ferguson singing a beautiful rendition of “Go Tell Aunt Rhody.” And I was so taken with it that I thought he would make a good week’s worth of music. And then commenter Rick encouraged me to do so. I don’t know much about the guy, but I think there is another material from him to just jump in and see what I learn.

So let’s start with his song “Smitten” off his 2013 album, Shift. He says it is a love song based on the “ten plagues of Israel.” I think he means the ten plagues of Egypt, but whatever. This song reminds me a bit of Nick Drake.

4 thoughts on “Morning Music: Jesse Ferguson

  1. So I like this guy a lot (this song’s really strange, as it’s more lighthearted than the traditional/folk stuff I looked at of his, even though plagues are semi-serious) and I checked out his web page to see when he’d be appearing around my parts.

    Nada. His concert appearances are free shows around his parts, either for charity or just plain fun. WTF, dude! Music is made for MONEY. Someone straighten this boy out, pronto.

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