Anniversary Post: Trace Beaulieu

Trace Beaulieu[Forgive me friends for doing a bit of recycling here. I’m exhausted from this last few weeks of preparing for my niece’s wedding — in addition to all my work for Frankly Curious and my recently aggravating work for Quality Nonsense. (I love the work, but I am fighting with a very annoying contractor at the moment.) And given that today isn’t a terribly good day for historical events, I’m going to do a birthday. -FM]

The great Trace Beaulieu who is 57 years old today. He is best known as the original (and One True) Crow from Mystery Science Theater 3000. He is also, interestingly, the only decent puppeteer the show ever had. No one else ever seemed to have figured out the art. It’s aggravating to watch the others; I take personal exception. Also, after Beaulieu left the show, Crow became a much nastier character (although he was still hilarious).

Every time Beaulieu’s birthday comes up, I think about starting a twitter account: The Gospel According to Crow. It would just to be a single quote from Crow each day. You know, like, “MST3K 3:21 I wanna decide who lives and who dies!” But Andrea seems to think it wouldn’t have enough context for people. Like that line: it was in reference to Joel asking Crow what he wanted for Christmas. So I’m going to think about it for another year. But the Word of Crow must be spread.

In the meantime, here is Beaulieu as Crow doing Jay Leno:

Happy birthday Trace Beaulieu!

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