Live Blogging CNBC Republican Debate

Knight on Horseback - Don QuixoteHello folks! I guess I’m going to kind of live blog this thing. I have beer, so it’s okay.


I ended up watching the rest of it. But I couldn’t continue commenting. It is all nonsense. But what most comes out is how complaining about the media is the biggest applause line. What is that all about? The Republicans don’t seem to care about any policy. It is all culture war stuff.

What’s more, there was all this nonsense about the candidates patting themselves on the back over their discussion of “policy” and “ideas.” There are none. It is all reactionary. They are against what the Democrats are for and they are for… They don’t say. And that’s because the only thing they really believe in is lowering taxes on the rich. Yet one of them will get roughly 50% of the vote in just over a year.

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  1. Next time, let us know in advance so we can stick around and at least keep you company so you don’t drown in despair over their stupidity.

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