Morning Music: Hey Jude

Girl - Tiny TimThis is our second day on with Tiny Tim’s last studio album, Girl. As stated before, the title refers to The Beatles song. But he did another of their songs, “Hey Jude.” But unlike the original version, which is over-serious and grand, Tiny Tim’s version is pure Latin fun — “Cha cha cha!” I think that’s a critical element to his work. He loves the songs. He respects the songs. And he’s not afraid to play around with them.

Of course, now I expect to get someone coming on here explaining to me that I am an awful person for not holding the original version of the song in high enough esteem. Indeed, I see that Weekend Edition highlighted the song in, Annoying Music: Beatles Cover Songs. But really, is there anything more annoying than Paul McCartney taking a one minute ditty and pushing it past seven? Tiny Tim’s version makes me want to get up and dance. Cha cha cha!

11 thoughts on “Morning Music: Hey Jude

  1. The only music I ever wanted to dance to was Iranian disco music. Which is why I get frequent visits from shady government officials.

        • Personally I think there’s only one kind of “bad taste” in anything — forcing yourself to like something because you want to be popular. Not that I never agree with popular opinion! Sometimes I’ve checked something out just to see what the fuss is about and enjoyed it a lot.

          I’ve always found the lists we run in every paper (TV ratings, bestseller lists, movie box office) to be strange. If you don’t work in those industries (and few do) why should we care?

          (I will admit I sometimes look at the nonfiction bestseller lists just to torment myself. It’s almost always got the latest conservative rants. Which in itself is sad enough — but then you have O’Reilley’s “Killing People” series that I’m willing to bet he didn’t even write! Annoys the hell out of me!)

          • I will concur this particular song is pretty bad ass:

            But my taste in music is so not because I am trying to be popular. I gave that up by the time the first week of kindergarten was over. It went downhill from there. It is just what I like so I have everything from Lady Gaga to Gregorian chants.

            • Wasn’t suggesting you were trying to be popular! Just that some do, and it saddens me.

              That is a fun video. I like the dancing. Also the actor with the pipe. He gives a great “WTF” look when the kid gets plopped in his lap.

              • It is a brilliant breakdown of everything that happened after 1900 and the arrival of Alice Paul. Except they did not show the real horror of the force-feeding that caused deaths in England.

                I need to go watch Suffragette but I hate going to see movies alone.

                • I wanna see “Experimenter” on the tests showing people would administer fatal-level shocks to others if authority figures told them to. “Suffragette” sounds good, too. And in a few months we’ll have a new “Macbeth” with Fassbender, sounds interesting!

                  I usually end up watching movies alone at home. I actually like going to movies by myself especially if they aren’t big hits — it’s just having a bigger screen and better sound system if nobody else is sitting next to me. However I’m pretty hooked on movie popcorn and unless I go with somebody I feel like a glutton if I buy it.

                  I think I see one movie by myself in the theater every year. “Gravity” two years ago, “Wolf Of Wall Street” last year. I’m debating seeing “Bridge Of Spies” this weekend. If it’s a movie by a visually gifted director, I’m more interested in the big screen experience. Most directors don’t really care much about visual composition, more about the story/performers, which is great — but you lose nothing seeing those movies at home.

                  Just totally random — have you ever seen any movies by Kelly Reichardt? She’s a very interesting, very unique director. Her themes often involve how easily bruised male egos are and the difficulties they can have relating to women. (She also has a gifted eye for composition, something I like.)

                  Pretty much all her movies have some things in them every viewer will hate (although what they hate will depend on the viewer.) Not the material per se; the pacing, the plot choices. Her scripts never have resolved endings, they just stop (life goes on after the last shot.)

                  For example, “Meek’s Cutoff” — about Oregon Trail settlers who are utterly lost, mostly because the men in the party can’t admit to being wrong — has moments that express the tedium of long-distance foot travel beautifully, and moments which are just tedious. It’s got night scenes actually lit by firelight, so the faces are all but invisible. This stuff can be mesmerizing one second and infuriating the next.

                  She’s a very challenging, polarizing filmmaker. I’ve been annoyed by things in her movies but never regretted seeing one. Her latest, “Night Moves,” about eco-radicals plotting to blow up a dam, had bits making me go “I hate this plot development” and scenes with so much slow-paced tension they were harrowing.

                  Anyhoo, seeing movies by yourself isn’t that bad, and if you can stand willfully non-satisfying indie films with a feminist POV, try Kelly Reichardt!

                  • I usually watch cartoons instead of movies. My best friend is the movie buff so if I do see something, it will be because of him.

                    But I do like movie popcorn. With cheese.

                    • The local second-run theater has, like, five varieties of popcorn salt. Cheese salt is one of them, and it’s terrific. Although plain ol’ salt and dairy-flavored liquid fat that never came from anywhere near a cow is pretty good, too.

                      It’s like going to a ballgame. You would never eat that mystery meat normally. It’s Treat Yourself Time!

                      But I can’t buy popcorn when I watch a movie by myself. Just can’t do it. Since half the reason I go to movies with others is for the popcorn, that’s pretty much why I rarely go to movies alone.

                      Saw “Inside Out” recently and really enjoyed that cartoon. Pixar back on track after some bad years doing “Cars” sequels. The visual metaphor of amusement parks which represent part of what keep us happy crumbling into the abyss was really effective. It depicted how depression works while making it action-adventure-y so it wasn’t too scary for kids.

                    • Oh no, this is nacho cheese sauce substitute that I think once was near a pan of milk but that is about it. I like to dip the popcorn into the cheese sauce.

                      I saw Osmosis Jones so why would I see Inside Out? Just kidding, I am sure I will see it on Netflix. Currently watching all eight seasons of Adventure Time in reverse. Now that is a show that someone has got to have had something “extra” before writing.

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