Morning Music: I Want To Stay Here

Girl - Tiny TimFinally, we get to Tiny Tim’s last studio album, Girl — from the first song on the album, an excellent cover of the Beatle’s tune of the same name. I think it is the best thing he ever did. That’s most especially true because he was paired with the great Brave Combo — a band that defies classification, but that can apparently play anything at all. This was the band that Tiny Tim always deserved.

It contained some familiar tunes that he had been doing for years like the wonderful, “I Believe in Tomorrow.” But I want to focus on some of the new material. And it’s hard! There are 14 songs on the album and they all deserve to be listened to. In fact, you should just click on that album cover there and buy the CD. You’ll be glad you did.

Let’s start with a simple one, the Carole King and Gerry Goffin classic “I Want To Stay Here.” I especially like Tiny Tim when he works with other vocalists. It’s probably because he has such a unique voice, that it is nice to have something standard to tie it to. Also, I love the Richard Nixon vocal here. Regardless, this is a wonderful version of the song.

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