Morning Music: Come to the Ball

Tiny Tim's Second AlbumIt isn’t my intent to go through Tiny Tim’s recorded career. The truth is that he started strong and he ended strong. And I really want to get to his last studio album, Girl, which he did with Brave Combo, the band he always deserved. But let us linger in his early days a bit longer.

We are going to listen to two songs off Tiny’s Tim’s second album, cleverly titled, Tiny Tim’s Second Album. The first song on the album is, “Come to the Ball.” It is from the a 1910 musical, The Quaker Girl. Songs from this period really were the focus of Tiny Tim’s career. He always mixed it up, but songs of the first half of the 20th century were what he seemed to most love.

In this performance, he also does the 1945 Doris Day hit, “My Dreams Are Getting Better All the Time.” The music for the song was written by Vic Mizzy — known for writing the themes for Green Acres and The Addams Family. The lyrics were written by Manny Curtis, who is known for writing the lyrics to Duke Ellington’s “In a Sentimental Mood” and the English lyrics to “Je t’Appartiens” as “Let It Be Me.”

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