Morning Music: Tiny Tim

God Bless Tiny TimLast week, I realized that I had to do a week of Herbert Khaury. You know him better as Tiny Tim. But if you are like most people, you really don’t know him at all. He was an amazing talent — not just the novelty act that he was reduced to on so many television shows. To begin with, he was something of a musicologist. He had a great knowledge of popular song history and was reputed to have a working repertoire of over a thousand songs.

What’s more, he actually had quite a nice and deep voice. This will be well on display this week. But I want to start at the beginning with God Bless Tiny Tim. It really is an amazing album. It is filled with great tunes and something that was fairly rare on most of his albums: great production. I encourage you to check out his version of Irving Berlin’s antiwar song, “Stay Down Here Where You Belong.” But I want to highlight the duet (he sings both parts), “On The Old Front Porch,” which is just unbelievably great:

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  1. I also owned a copy of this LP. My own favorite track was Tim’s prescient comment on global warming: “The Ice Caps Are Melting.”

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