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Knight on Horseback - Don QuixoteI’m very fond of the current Frankly Curious publishing schedule. Unfortunately, it’s kind of intense, even if I weren’t doing anything else. But thankfully, I am doing other things, and they are taking a lot of time. The problem isn’t even the writing of articles; it just takes an enormous amount of time reading to come up with six things to post each day. So I’ve decided to change the publishing schedule.

It had occurred to me that I could start posting shorter articles. But when I tried, it seemed that I ended up writing more. Regardless, at this point, there just is a certain level of depth that I expect in an article here: not too short and not too long. Basically, it is the level of depth that I prefer when reading other blogs. If I’m really into a subject, I want the articles to go on and on. But that’s rarely the case for me or anyone else. What’s more, since I’m likely to write about the same thing over time, it makes more sense for me to write a number of short articles rather than one long article.

The point is that I’m not really changing Frankly Curious — just cutting down on the amount of work that I do on it. It will also free me up to throw in non-scheduled articles, which I rarely do anymore. And that will especially be true regarding the first scheduled article I’m killing: the 2:05 pm quotations post. This is something I really like. And under the right conditions, it takes almost no work. But I often find myself flailing around looking for something to use. These are best when they are spontaneous.

As you may have noticed if you have a nose for systems and structures, in addition to the quotations post, there is an anniversary post (5:05 am), a morning music (7:05 am), and three “features” (9:05 am, 11:05 am, and 5:05 pm). The anniversary and music posts have to stay. People tend to comment a fair amount on the anniversary posts, and as best as I can tell, they enjoy the music posts. I’ve come to see them as the very core of Frankly Curious. And even though they can be a bit of work, they are fun to do.

So the obvious place to attack is on the “features.” I’m going to cut them down to just two. Hopefully, this will allow me to expand the breadth of what I write about. It seems I often get bogged down in politics and economics — ranting about things I’ve already ranted about. I’d like to do one post on politics and one on something else. But we will see. It’s generally easier to find things to talk about regarding politics. We’ll see how it goes. I don’t expect it to be a catastrophe, but you never know. One of the rules that guides my life is: all change is for the worse. While not always true, it is a good first approximation.

So here is the new schedule:

5:05 am — Anniversary Post
8:05 am — Morning Music
11:05 am — Feature (Probably Politics)
4:05 pm — Feature (Hopefully Not Politics)

But otherwise, you can expect the same whatever level of insight and entertainment that you’ve come to depend upon here at Frankly Curious. I’m consistent at whatever level I operate.

9 thoughts on “New Publishing Schedule at Frankly Curious

  1. Eh, the change from birthday to anniversary posts worked out fine. So did the adoption of a daily schedule. Not all change is bad! If it makes the gig more enjoyable, it’s probably a good thing.

    • Actually, even after one day, I’ve found it a total relief. It’s a lot easier to look at writing 4 than 6. And again, it isn’t the writing. If someone just sent me a list of 6 things to write each day, that would be pretty easy. (Actually, someone does do that; just not for FC!) I think the quality will be better.

    • I have a secret weapon: no life! I think your publishing schedule is good. I don’t even remember how I got to this point. It just snowballed. But it provides my life a certain meaning — illusory as that may be.

    • Well, if my post seems apologetic, it is probably me speaking to the blog itself, which I think of kind of like my baby. I’m very pleased with the new schedule. I just always worry that a change will be chaos. It’s like running. If I miss one day, I will probably stop for months.

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