Morning Music: Airproofing

Leo KottkeIn 1976, Leo Kottke moved to the now defunct Chrysalis Records. His first album for them was the self-titled, Leo Kottke. It consists only of instrumentals — except for the first song, Nashville session musician Bob Morris’ “Buckaroo.” The songs are produced in a much more evocative way than had been the case before. They could easily have been used for a film score.

Today, we are going to listen to “Airproofing.” It is hard driving, relentless number. I haven’t mentioned it this week, but Kottke has done a number of Baroque pieces. There are a lot of Baroque aspects to his music. “Airproofing” doesn’t sound Baroque, but it still contains a lot of the techniques typical of the period. And the first time you listen to it, it’s kind of like watching a tightrope walker. But trust me: he doesn’t fall. Just enjoy the music.

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