Morning Music: Red Bacteria Vacuum

Roller Coaster - Red Bacteria VacuumToday we have something very interesting, Red Bacteria Vacuum. It is an all woman band that formed in 1998. What I like about them is that their music hearkens back to a lot of earlier music. For example, “Gimme Culture” sounds very much like Richard Hell & The Voidoids. The song I’d really like to share with you is listed as “恋愛ミュージック,” which means “love song” and is almost certainly not the name of the song. It is very much like Ramones. And a more recent song, “San Francisco,” while good reminds me rather too much of early Nirvana.

In early 2006, Red Bacteria Vacuum released what appears to be their most successful effort in the west, Roller Coaster. In fact, “Gimme Culture” is from that album. But let’s just listen to the title track because it is much more in the hardcore tradition. But it has some interesting elements that make it greater than that — like its use of syncopation and some standard pop elements:

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