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Frank MoraesThis is just a brief note to update you on the happenings here. I’m working a lot away from Frankly Curious, so it’s been a bit difficult to keep up on comments. I am glad to see that some of you are talking to each other, which doesn’t require my response (not that I don’t stick my nose in anyway). So I’ve upped the number of comments that display on the sidebar at the right from 10 to 20. I found I was falling behind by more than 10, and it can be difficult to find old comments.

By the way, if you haven’t discovered the comment list on the right, you should check it out. It is really handy! I used to depend upon it. But I have since learned that I can manage comments from within the administration area for the blog. This is really convenient for me. At the same time, I often have to go over to the page to see what you all are talking about. So if you could provide a bit of context, it would be really helpful — but hardly required.

And now that I’ve written this, there probably won’t be any comments for the next month. But for the record, I really do appreciate comments. In fact, I might feel bad about them if I made any money off this site. But as it is, I consider commenters collaborators. And so I try to take them serious and respond when appropriate — even when people are yelling at me. (FYI: I tend to yell back in those circumstances; I’m the only fool I suffer gladly.)

2 thoughts on “Recent Comments List Increased

    • Ha! An editor of mine recently told me what great commenters I have. I have to agree. That’s one of the good things about having a small audience.

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