Anniversary Post: Germany Calling

William JoyceOn this day in 1939, the English language Nazi propaganda broadcast Germany Calling first aired. It is known today for the character of Lord Haw-Haw, who was primarily played by Irish-British Fascist William Joyce. He had recently fled the United Kingdom and become a naturalized German citizen. After the war, he was captured and returned to the United Kingdom. There, he was tried for high treason and executed.

I’m not going to be the guy to defend Joyce. But isn’t this what we liberal democrats are supposed to believe in: the right to dissent? He didn’t stay in the UK. He fled to Germany. He became a citizen. He fought for his new country. I believe he was wrong. For one thing, he was virulently antisemitic. But I believe he had a right to do that. And it seems to me that his prosecution was wrong. People are allowed to be wrong — even publicly.

2 thoughts on “Anniversary Post: Germany Calling

  1. From the Wiki entry, sounds like the guy was brainwashed by his dad and given a painful facial scar as a teenager by attackers who disliked his dad’s views. That’s more cause for becoming a nut than many angry American bigots have today. Or maybe his hamster died, you never know . . .

    • That is a nasty scar! I had thought it was from clashes between the communists and fascists. Of course, it could be both.

      You know me: I don’t really accept free will. So I think we need to be as understanding and merciful as possible.

      And the generational thing just goes on and on. I think I read that one of his daughters married Oswald Mosley’s bodyguard.

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