Morning Music: Fly

Nick DrakeNick Drake was only 26 when he died. It’s remarkable when you consider how much regret permeates so much of his work. It seems to me that as one gets old, regret becomes a bigger and bigger issue. I just don’t remember regretting that much when I was 26. I wasn’t aware enough — of the outside world or myself. But then, I wasn’t an artist like Drake.

Today, we are sticking with his second album, Bryter Layter. The song is “Fly,” which is probably one of my favorites. But I don’t much know what it is about. But that can largely be said of all his work. It communicates a feeling of regret and the details are beautiful, but vague. I love the line: “I’ve fallen so far; for the people you are.” Yes, the people each of us are.

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