Morning Music: Couldn’t Love You More

One World - John MartynNow we move forward to 1977, with John Martyn’s more experiment, more electric One World. Overall the album is a bit more “pop” in its own way. But don’t worry: Martyn is always Martyn. That’s one of the things that most defines him: he always seems to remain true to himself. He reminds me of something that was written about the artist Bernard Frouchtben, “In [his case] the ego appears worth knowing.” Indeed. (For both men.)

The song I’ve chosen from the album is one of the more classic, “Couldn’t Love You More.” The album cut is really interesting in its production. But you know, I like to get live cuts if I can. After all, I’m not on the radio here.

One thought on “Morning Music: Couldn’t Love You More

  1. I got to see Joe Boyd giving a talk on his book White Bicycles. Though he is probably most famous for his work with Nick Drake – I have over the years grown fonder of other artists like Martyn – whom he produced. To me Martyn is a more subtle and sublime version of Drake.

    Though at this point I am still much more familiar with the music of Drake than John Martyn -or many of the other artists he produced unfortunately…

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