Morning Music: Head and Heart

Bless the Weather - John MartynAs we explore the music of John Martyn, I figure we should skip past his fine work with his wife Beverley Martyn to what is kind of the real beginning of his career, Bless the Weather. He really expanded on this album. For one thing, he has a full French jazz kind of band. It is still focused on his amazing guitar work. But his singing became more jazzy too.

This is how I discovered Martyn. Off the second America album, Homecoming, they did his song “Head and Heart.” And even at the time, I thought it by far the best thing on the album. So in later years, I looked into him. Sadly, all I have is another album cut for this one. But I promise you a live performance tomorrow. In addition to everything else, check out the amazing guitar work at the end of the song:

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