Even Paul Bibeau Can’t Find Humor in Palin-Trump

Paul BibeauAbove is where I’d put the video of Sarah Palin interviewing Donald Trump on that weird irregular bin TV news network, and then I’d make fun of it. I’ve made fun of Palin and Trump in the past, and I will completely do so again.

But I found I couldn’t watch it. I saw five seconds of that garbage and just turned it off. I thought I had a strong stomach for idiot celebrity sociopaths — It’s my gig, right? — but they got to me. God, those people…

They’re awful. I don’t have a joke to follow that up. No. They are just really awful. We should really all be on board with how terrible they are. The fact that we aren’t is disturbing.

What the hell is wrong with this country? What the fuck is happening out there in Cleetusland?

—Paul Bibeau
This Is The Post Where I’d Be Mocking The Palin-Trump Interview

2 thoughts on “Even Paul Bibeau Can’t Find Humor in Palin-Trump

  1. They broke me, yes. I’m not ashamed to admit it. They’ve done the same to better men and women than me.

    • I feel certain that you will come back all the stronger for it. Maybe take a break. You know I’m still waiting for that Ayn Rand, L Ron Hubbard, Tom Cruise novel…

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