Morning Music: Bob Dylan

Bob DylanDuring the folk revival of the early 1960s, many people did “Man of Constant Sorrow.” Both Joan Baez (pretty good) and Judy Collins (meh) did versions of Gunning’s. Peter, Paul and Mary turned it into a dirge. Waylon Jennings managed to turn it into an easy listening monstrosity, which is good in its way. And Rod Stewart did his thing to it in 1969, before “his thing” became harming otherwise good music. But the most interesting, because he really does mold the song to himself, is Bob Dylan:

2 thoughts on “Morning Music: Bob Dylan

  1. One of a kind. Dylan amazes me as he has lasted for so long and gone through so many phases and changes. I still love his music. To be great you have to adjust and innovate. I think of Miles Davis, Sinatra, Willie Nelson and others who just seemed to remain on top forever.

    • Yeah, there really isn’t anything that Dylan has done that isn’t at least interesting — even Self Portrait. Maybe a week of Dylan would be good because he has changed so much over the decades. But it would be really hard to pick songs. But I think I may do that!

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