Ann Coulter Doesn’t Have a Clue About America

Ann CoulterYou’re making a big mistake. This isn’t how you win. There have been two Republican landslides in the last century: Nixon and Reagan. And it was by appealing to the white vote. Specifically, the white working-class vote. That’s your base!

—Ann Coulter
Quoted in Ann Coulter Has Fallen From Grace — and the Reason Why Is Terrifying

2 thoughts on “Ann Coulter Doesn’t Have a Clue About America

  1. Unfortunately she is still vomiting out books. She has a new one at the library, and people are checking it out. Hopefully they are only reading it for a good laugh, since she is supposedly so funny.

    • She appeals to the same people. She doesn’t matter. And I hope the conservatives take her advice: keep preaching to the white folk! That’s a sure way to turn into a regional party.

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