Morning Music: Get Together

Get Together - Chet PowersContinuing on with this week of spirituality without God, I’m afraid that I’ve only made it too clear that my idea of spirituality is intimately linked to community. What is perhaps interesting about this is that all religious movements are fundamentally about that — in the beginning. It is the brotherhood of humankind. This is, ultimately, all that the mystics have to teach us in a practical sense. But if there is one thing that established religions hate, it is mystics.

Today, we listen to Chet Powers do his song, “Get Together.” It is a call for solidarity. And it is a song that we need to hear, “Love is but the song we sing; fear’s the way we die.” It’s interesting that political leaders are so good with using fear as a weapon, but useless in wielding love. It’s probably because those who lust for power aren’t very much in touch with the idea of love.

2 thoughts on “Morning Music: Get Together

  1. Frank, who is Chet Powers? This Dino Valenti? No? Or is Valenti’s real name Chet Powers? Regardless, I enjoyed the song.

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