Anniversary Post: Michael Phelps’ Metals

Michael PhelpsWhen I was a kid, I loved the Olympics. Of course, I loved game shows too. I was a kid. Sue me.

But on this day in 2008, Michael Phelps became the first person in history to win eight gold metals in a single Olympics.

But if I don’t care for the Olympics, I really don’t care for swimming. Actually, I didn’t even care for it when I was a kid. That’s normal, right? I mean, swimming is boring to watch. The only reason Americans are into it is because our nation is very good at it. And it is a very “white” sport. We love things that white people are good at. See, for example, another really boring sport: speed skating.

The only reason that I’m bring up Michael Phelps is because I thought that the Weekend Update segment “Really!?! With Seth” was quite good. In general, I find Seth Meyers annoying. He’s typical of comedy writers who never quite gel as performers. See, for example, Harold Ramis. But I do like this:

On the other hand, I disagree with his conclusion. I know nothing about Michael Phelps. I assume he is as boring as most people. If you sell a photo of anyone smoking cannabis at a party, you are a dick. But if you are impressed just to be in the presence of a celebrity — especially one who swam the “men’s 100 meter butterfly” a hundredth of a second faster than the next guy — you are an idiot.

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