Morning Music: Godless Spirituality

Moonshadow - Cat StevensHello morning music fans! This week, I want to do a series of songs about spirituality. It isn’t the religious kind of spirituality, but a more human focused one. You know: one that actually exists! In this regard, I’m thinking of issues like acceptance, hope, and duty. But we will see. I’m planning to figure it out as I go along.

Today we will start with an old Cat Stevens (Yusuf Islam) song “Moonshadow.” According to him, the song is literal: having grown up in the city, he had never seen a shadow cast by the moon until he took a trip to Spain. Regardless, the song is about hope and looking at the positive side of things. Admittedly, it has a lot of gallows humor in it. But that’s what makes it work: the contrast with the beauty and earnestness of the performance.

1 thought on “Morning Music: Godless Spirituality

  1. I listened to Yusuf’s newer albums; his voice sounds great. Taking all those years off really kept his throat in shape. But the songs aren’t as compelling as his earlier stuff. Cat Stevens was about searching for meaning; Yusuf has found the answers he was looking for. Good for him.

    There was one pretty neat, kinda pissed-off song on his last album. It almost sounds like he’s saying “it’s not my job to proselytize to the world, the faith can do that itself. I like making music.”

    Here it is:

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