Morning Music: Yoga Is as Yoga Does

Easy Come Easy Go - ElvisIn Easy Come, Easy Go, Elvis an ex-navy frogman that now works as a professional diver by day and a — Wait for it! — singer by night. It includes a very nice Dolores Fuller tune, “I’ll Take Love.” But we’ve done her. Anyway, I think we may well reach the height of Elvis silliness this morning.

It still boggles my mind all the great actors that these films managed to attract. This film didn’t have the kind of cast that King Creole did. But it did have one of my favorites, Elsa Lanchester as Madame Neherina, a yoga teacher. You should know her from Bride of Frankenstein. Also, you should know her for that adorable little gap in her teeth. Anyway, she actually does a duet with Elvis, “Yoga Is as Yoga Does.” Also included is lots of yoga fun.

6 thoughts on “Morning Music: Yoga Is as Yoga Does

    • That’s great! I should have used it. Of course, I could do silly Elvis for a month. This goes along with what I think is Thomas Frank’s first book, The Conquest of Cool. But I remember this myself: the way that hippy culture was co-opted almost immediately, but only in terms of style.

  1. Style was the only thing a lot of “hippie” youngsters were really interested in. Well that, pop music and getting high. I didn’t quite grasp that fact back then, but by the time the yuppie era rolled around it was in your face.

  2. I wasn’t an Elvis fan, but I’m surprised I’d never heard of this flick. “I’ll take Love” is indeed a catchy little tune and Dodie Marshall is another perfect 60’s chick.

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