Morning Music: King Creole

King CreoleNot all Elvis movies are about him losing his job and having to sing at a nightclub. Sometimes there are other reasons that he must sing at a night club. For example, in King Creole, he must sing at a nightclub because he has to leave high school. It’s based upon a Harold Robbins novel. And best of all, it stars Carolyn Jones — the actor who played Morticia Addams in The Addams Family. She had such an unusual beauty — with a long nose, full lips, and huge eyes. And she’s not the only great actor in it. It also stars Vic Morrow, Paul Stewart, and Walter Matthau at “The Pig.” And it was directed by Michael Curtiz!

This morning, we listen to the title track, “King Creole,” written by Dennis Linde. He wrote what is very possibly my favorite Elvis song, “Burning Love” — Elvis’s last top 10 hit. But this one is great too. The video sucks and isn’t well synced. But it’s the music that matters.

4 thoughts on “Morning Music: King Creole

  1. I have a soft spot for “Suspicious Minds.” It’s oddly produced, like Neil Diamond’s stuff would later be. The guy who wrote it also wrote “You Were Always On My Mind,” so I guess songs about not keeping the zipper shut were his specialty.

    Elvis is so weird. It’s like everything going on in the country just passed him right by.

    Wow, that’s some actual talent for an Elvis movie. I wonder how many other gifted people were buried in those things.

    • I’m thinking that “Suspicious Minds” was Elvis’ last number one hit. I know that “Burnin’ Love” was his last top ten — it only made it to number 2. Anyway, it works well with his voice.

      I suspect that those films paid pretty well. Tomorrow’s song is by far the most bizarre — and sung with someone you would never expect.

  2. Carolyn Jones was always fun to watch.

    Let’s see — tall offbeat beauty with dark hair and brows, long nose, full lips, enormous eyes, usually cast as an oddball/hipster… oh hi there Krysten Ritter!

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