Morning Music: Mimi Fariña

Mimi Fariña and Joan BaezSome time before World War I, the labor organizer Rose Schneiderman gave a speech that included the poetic line, “The worker must have bread, but she must have roses, too.” This lead to a poem, “Bread and Roses.” And this was later turned into several songs. The most recent was in 1974, when Mimi Fariña set it to music.

That same year, Fariña set up an organization called Bread & Roses that provides free music to people in institutions. She died in 2001 of neuroendocrine cancer. But the organization lives on.

Here is Fariña and her big sister Joan Baez singing the song. As usual, I couldn’t find a video of a live performance. But this one has a nice collection of labor related images to go along with it.

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    • I will have to check it out. Doing these labor songs has been harder than I thought. I figured there would be lots of videos, but there really aren’t. I’m very fond of tomorrow song, though.

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