Morning Music: Bobby Lewis

Bobby LewisMy sister was telling me about how her husband is always complaining that he can’t sleep. I immediately thought of the song from the 1950s that starts, “I couldn’t get to sleep at all last night.” So I went searching for it online and all that came up was “(Last Night) I Didn’t Get to Sleep at All” by The 5th Dimension. I don’t especially have a problem with that song, but by and large, I find The 5th Dimension to be pretty anemic stuff. And that definitely wasn’t the song that I was looking for.

Then I remembered that the refrain of the song was, “Tossin’ and Turnin’.” Interestingly, the lyric is not actually “I couldn’t get to sleep at all last night.” A Google search of that (without the quotes) really does bring up nothing but The 5th Dimension song. The actual lyric is, “I couldn’t sleep at all last night.” And that very similar phrase (again, without quotes) brings up nothing but “Tossin’ and Turnin'” by Bobby Lewis. He didn’t seem to have much success besides this song. It’s sad, because much of the rest of his work is equally great. (This was originally a live version of the song, it was taken down.)

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