Morning Music: Dizzy Gillespie

Jambo CaribeDo we not deserve a little happy music? I think we do. First, we have a great nuclear deal with Iran. Second, that nuclear deal is making conservatives apoplectic. They are absolutely certain that it is going to be the worst thing ever. But it is strange. If we back out of this deal, all our European partners are just going to let the sanctions end. It will be America going it alone, as we have with Cuba all these years — and with the same results I’m afraid. So we could use some happy music — the conservatives most of all.

Here is a nice Caribbean influenced tune, “And Then She Stopped” off Dizzy Gillespie’s album, Jambo Caribe. It’s very pleasant — the kind of music you should listen to when it is too hot (which it is). Of note here is James Moody on flute.

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