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Night Moves - Bob SegerI have an active dislike of Bob Seger. Really, his work is mostly just crap. And I’ll admit, part of it is not his fault, because he didn’t write “Old Time Rock and Roll.” But I got thinking about him because I just watched Night Moves again. I’ll probably write about it later. I have a few things to say about it. The song, of course, has nothing to do with the film.

Anyway, I do think that “Night Moves” is a song that transcends its artist, much the same way that “Jack & Diane” transcended the then John Cougar. But ultimately, both songs are typical rock posing: we are young and have sex. Still, there are worse things to listen to. This is an indictment of the music business. “I awoke last night to the sound of thunder; how I got this rich really makes you wonder…”

21 thoughts on “Morning Music: Bob Seger

  1. *snort* As pablum as it is, “We’ve Got Tonight” is still one of the best requests for a one night stand I have ever heard. And with Single Awareness Day coming Sunday…

    • A few years back, one of my brothers asked us other brothers for advice on how to approach a girl he thought liked him but wasn’t sure. (Keep in mind, we come from a very screwed-up parental situation, with lectures on what God hated us doing and so forth.)

      So I gave a rant on my history of bad relationships. It must have been 2000 words if not more.

      Another brother wrote, “kiss the girl, pay attention to how she reacts.” That’s much better than 2000 words about your emotional history. Over-analyzing things is dumb, and ovcr-sharing is worse.

      But no harm, no foul, I didn’t do any permanent damage, and my brother is now happily married. We Fillmores don’t mate easily. When we do, we’re damn committed.

      To risk being gross, what would people here consider to be the best makeout albums? I’d say “Rubber Soul” and the second half of Beck’s “Midnite Vultures.” The second half of R.E.M.’s “Out of Time.” Obviously these things are quite subjective. I do think “Rubber Soul” is an absolute drop-yer-pants album, though.

      • *grumble grumble goes to look it up*

        I am having mullet overdose. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
        And no. The reason is that the Seger song is upfront about how this is not going to be more than one night. The other song is promising more than the guy will deliver causing her to think there will be more and leaving her crying when he disappears on her. Not that I don’t speak from personal experience or anything.

        So the Seger song, while a little awkward in how he is trying to romance her, isn’t promising her more than the guy can give her. She may cry but it won’t be because she was told a lie. It is also cheesy but sweetly so.

      • Basically anything you both find silly and also charming works.

        Now, the best song for playing on repeat while you drive 1000 miles? There’s no room for debate here. It’s Tom Petty’s “Don’t Come Around Here No More.” That thing will lull you into mental oblivion, which is what you need if you’re down 1 mile with 999 to go.

        • When I used to drive very long distances, I got books on tape. I find that listening to music while driving puts me to sleep. But listening to a story keeps me wide awake. I love stories.

          • I can’t do it anymore; it’s brutal. Once upon a time I could drive hundreds of miles home; now I want a hotel.

            Fun story. I was at Theodore Roosevelt National Park, in North Dakota, expecting to camp there for the night, or a hotel nearby. No way. The oil boom was insane; the nearest open hotel room was in Fargo, some 300 miles away. Hit the damn road and drive ’til you collapse, you old farts. And we did. Music, books on tape, my bleeding hands of Jesus, it was horrible. I wanted to sleep!

            The funny part was the guy at the national park front desk. Who told us there were no camping spots and no hotels open before Fargo. “Thank you,” he said. Why did he thank us? For telling us we were driving-doomed? Because I had a “Star Trek” T-shirt and we were the first non-rednecks he’d seen in months.

            To finish this off, we’d already driven hours from South Dakota. From camping in a state park, and spending the morning visiting maybe the most bizarrely fascinating thing in our National Park system:


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