Morning Music: The Doors

Touch Me - DoorsI have an odd relationship with The Doors. On the one hand, they are solid band with a lot of strong material. On the other hand, I hate them. But if I had to be honest, I would admit that I mostly just hate Jim Morrison. He has always struck me as a fraud. Just the same, I think it speaks to Ray Manzarek’s brilliance that he saw that the young poet had “it.”

I thought we would listen to the one Doors song that most assaults me, “Touch Me.” It was written by guitarist Robby Krieger. He also pretty much wrote “Light My Fire.” Both of those are perfect Doors songs in that I love and hate them. With “Fire,” you’ve got that great Middle East sounding melody. Yet it is the ultimate in sexual braying. “Touch Me” has a wonderfully awkward verse melody — I really do love that. But the terrible slant rhymes make me want to scream.


4 thoughts on “Morning Music: The Doors

  1. Yeah, they’re tough. Manzarek is a genius, the band is fine. Morrison, ugh. I remember hanging out with friends in high school and laughing uncontrollably doing somber line-readings of his published poetry. (If your poetry strikes a teenager as self-indulgent silliness, you’re either pretty good or pretty bad. Morrison was pretty bad.)

    He did have the sexy Jagger swagger, though, and the helped the musicians’ careers. But Jagger’s acting; it’s all part of the performance, like a heavy-metal band’s makeup. One gets the sense with Morrison that he thought his rock-god preening was somehow transcendent and real. He could be Bono’s uncle!

    Would the Kinks have sold any more records if Ray Davies had more sexy? Nah, probably not. Nobody can make “Village Green Preservation Society” a sexy teen-angst anthem. (Although I loved it as an angsty teen!)

    • Another aspect of the band is that they are so loved by certain people. I just don’t see it — although the first album was pretty good.

      • As a long-time Doors fan, I have not listened to the first album in maybe 25 years! Not that I dislike it – I just never get to it.

        As far as I can tell, my love for the Doors increased after I heard all of the early Sisters of Mercy material. There definitely is some influence, but none from the Shaman act and swagger. One thing Andrew Eldrich is not, is a swaggering lead singer.

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