Morning Music: Flaco Jiménez

Flaco Jiménez: the New Face of TerrorErik Loomis at Lawyers, Guns & Money brought my attention to this new terror threat, “More than two hours. More than 30 police, fire, and rescue workers. And more than enough police cars and big trucks to widen the eyes of three dozen youngsters in day care, all to investigate a suspicious package that turned out to be… an accordion.” Loomis blames it all — quite rightly, I think — on previous generations of accordionists like Frankie Yankovic (who is shockingly not Weird Al’s father).

Loomis asked the question that I think is on everyone’s mind, “Will the police arrest Flaco Jiménez for being too awesome on the accordion?” We will have to see. If not, perhaps Donald Trump will go after him. Regardless, I thought we would listen to a little of his music today. Here he is performing with the Dutch band Rowwen Hèze doing the Rocco Granata song “Marina”:

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