Morning Music: Renaud

Mistral Gagnant - RenaudAfter the Fourth of July, I think we could use a little French music. So I offer up to you Renaud — a French singer-songwriter so popular, he actually has an English language Wikipedia page. We are going to listen to a very sweet song, “Mistral Gagnant” off his most successful album, 1985’s Mistral Gagnant. The title refers to a kind of candy, apparently. The song is sung to Renaud’s daughter and reflects on his own childhood, including stealing candy from the store.

People know that I’m fond of French film and music. But that’s not exactly true. I do tend to like things more if I know that they are French. I like some idea I have about the French. And the one time I was there, I liked it very much. But it is rather that I like certain kinds of French films and music. I’m sure that France produces all the same dreck that America does. But thankfully, I’m spared that. Also: I’m very fond of wine and cognac.

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