Morning Music: Marty Robbins

Gunfighter Ballads and Trail Songs - Marty RobbinsToday’s Morning Music post is brought to you by JMF. Because of him, I’ve had the Marty Robbins song “El Paso” going through my head all day. He writes regularly over at Twinkie Town. I am not quite sure what it is and I’m too harried to research it right now. But it’s some kind of online community for Twins fans. It’s all very cool, although I probably wouldn’t say that if it were for the Vikings, which are a football team and thus boring.

Anyway, the weekend before last, he wrote, Slump-Break Game 61: Twins @ Rangers. As you probably know, the Rangers are that team that George W Bush was part owner of. It seems to be the only business venture he ever made money on. Of course, I think its kind of hard not to make money with an MLB team given its Congress mandated monopoly.

Anyway, in preparation for the game, JMF wrote special lyrics to the tune of “El Paso.” I’ll give you a taste of them here, but if you want it all, you will have to head on over to his article. It’s quite clever.

Down in a suburb of Dallas, Arlington
Several grifters were planning a scheme.
They hoped to buy low and sell high on baseball
New stadiums prop the value of teams…

You can sing along with Marty Robbins from his album Gunfighter Ballads and Trail Songs:

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