Morning Music: Jules and the Polar Bears

Got No Breading - Jules and the Polar BearsOne of my all time favorite bands is Jules and the Polar Bears. I remember when I heard their first album, Got No Breeding — it blew me away. I loved the straightforward rock music mixed with the exceptional songwriting of Jules Shear — who remains one of my favorite songwriters. They never took off because, you know, they were good.

But it was often claimed that one of the reasons that the band never “broke” was that they were not very good live — or at least that they didn’t take live performance all that seriously. Actually, they didn’t take their later studio efforts very seriously, but that’s another story. Until now, I had never had the opportunity to hear them play live. But late last year, Rock on MV put on a 35 minute set by the band. And they are great!

Check it out:

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