Morning Music: Carly Simon

The Many Adventures of Winnie the PoohIn a recent article (probably not published yet), I made reference to Winnie the Pooh. So I put The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh on and saw that there was a performance of “Winnie The Pooh” by Carly Simon. I’m not much of a fan of hers, but she’s certainly talented. And she put up with James Taylor during some very trying times, so I give her a lot of credit. But here is a pro tip for a successful marriage: don’t marry a junkie.

The song itself was written by the legendary Sherman Brothers. But Simon went on to write a number of songs for later Winnie the Pooh cartoons. But I’m not going to present those. Here is the original theme song, “Winnie the Pooh.” The guitar work is particularly nice.

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