Morning Music: Bobby Vinton

Roses Are Red - Bobby VintonAll last night, I had the song “Blue Velvet” going through my head. So I thought I would find a little Bobby Vinton singing the song. My mother — like most white women of her age — loved him. So I went looking for the song and I listened to it and it hit me immediately, “I can’t present this!” It’s just awful. So I happened upon “Mr Lonely” off his 1962 album Roses Are Red. It is one of the few Vinton songs that he co-wrote.

The song was co-written by Gene Allan — famous for writing songs for The Archies. He is not (as Wikipedia would have you believe) the art director and three term president of Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, Gene Allen. Anyway, it is a listenable song. Mom would like it.

2 thoughts on “Morning Music: Bobby Vinton

  1. As I was reading your Morning Music post, I thought instead of ditching the Blue Velvet song, you were going to ditch BV….and show the Isabella Rossellini version….the thought of which initially titillated me, but then I was left with a feeling of excitable-dread…much like when Lou-Ann Poovie would open her mouth. Thanks for sparing us!

    • Ah, Gomer Pyle, USMC. I should use a song from that show! Jim Nabors sang a lot in it. I’ve noticed that television theme songs often get stuck in my head just because I’ve heard them so much. Things like The Bob Newhart Show theme were probably my first real introduction to jazz. Bobby Vinton was a stretch because most of his music is just retched.

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