Morning Music: Charlie Parr

Charlie ParrOur Midwest correspondent, JMF, turned us on to the incredible Charlie Parr. Parr is from Minnesota (Austin!) and according to JMF, he “lives in his car and cooks food in the engine block driving from gig to gig.” That may be, but he has a very polished online presence, and so it’s got to be a now-and-then thing. On the other hand, Parr clearly presents that kind of image in performance.

According to Wikipedia, he has been influenced by two of my favorite musicians: Mississippi John Hurt and (especially) Charley Patton. JMF offered up his song Cheap Wine. But that is just not enough Charlie Parr. So here he is on 30 Minute Music Hour on Wisconsin Public Television. It’s like a very small scale Austin City Limits. And if you must, you can jump to the 10 minute marker and hear him do “Cheap Wine.” Enjoy!

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