Morning Music: Codeine

The White Birch - CodeineBack in the early 1990s, when I was absolutely crazy for American Music Club, there was another band that was doing very similar work, Codeine, which I totally missed. It’s probably because AMC is from San Francisco and Codeine was a New York City band. Also, AMC has a sense of humor about its despair that is mostly missing from Codeine. Still, that band is totally amazing.

Sadly, Codeine broke up in 1994 and never really got back together. So there isn’t much in the way of live performances of them on line. They did briefly get back together in 2012. And the following video is from that tour. It is one of those shaky camera phones videos, but the sound isn’t too bad. They are performing “Tom” off their third and final album, The White Birch. Even better, their entire first album, Frigid Stars, is available on YouTube. Check it out!

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