Morning Music: Gazpacho

XXXMichael Stickings — my colleague at and founder of The Reaction — brought my attention to the Norwegian band Gazpacho. I have to admit that I really hate it when bands pick nondescript names. Enter their name into Google, and you will get many fine recipes for gazpacho. I would find this annoying, even if I was a fan of the dish. But it isn’t especially my thing. And even “Gazpacho band” only gets you so far — there are other bands with that name.

(When I was young, I really liked the band Salvation Army. It was a great name. Just the same, it was really confusing. Eventually, the old Salvation Army sued the band and the new Salvation Army became The Three O’Clock. I hear they are back together, but I stopped being interested in them long ago. “Airplanes fly and yet I feel so low.”)

I don’t know much about Gazpacho. It’s made up of six people who can really play and they create interesting sound designs with lots of dynamics. They remind me of what Roger Waters wants to do but doesn’t have the self-assurance. Just the same, they don’t have the intense narrative strength of his work. In fact, they strike me more like a group making music for films. But I mean that in a good way. And the following video of “Black Lily” from their 2012 album March of Ghosts features a really great stop-action animation:

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