Morning Music: Dayna Kurtz

Dayna KurtzI don’t generally like it when someone recommends a singer or a song. Usually, it is just someone with a slightly unique voice or more often well produced sound. And while I appreciate all that, it means nothing to my life. There are lots of people with great voices and there are even more great producers. What I crave is honest music simply performed. I would choose Jules Shear’s The First Freeze After The Fall any day before The Buggles’ Video Killed the Radio Star.

It is in this context that I present to you Dayna Kurtz. She is an amazing talent — both as a writer and a musician. And here she is off her DVD, Postcards From Amsterdam — Live in Concert. She’s doing the song “Touchstone” off her album, Otherwise Luscious Life. I especially like the simple slide guitar work:

H/T: Ryan Hall

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