Morning Music: Terry Callier

What Color Is Love - Terry CallierTerry Callier was an amazing guy, because he crossed all kinds of musical barriers. Primarily, he combined jazz and folk. If you can’t quite imagine that, remember that the blues is basically a kind of folk music. In fact, it was the folk scene of the late 1950s and early 1960s was responsible for finding old blues greats and turning them into stars in their old age. Callier would later go on to do some really interesting music with the UK hip-hop band Urban Species. So we was a lot more any English description could ever express.

Here he is performing probably his best known tune, “You Goin’ Miss Your Candyman,” from his great album What Color Is Love. He’s got a totally kick-ass band. But I don’t know who they are. It doesn’t matter. Just enjoy:

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