Morning Music: Shakira

Shakira - Animal CitySome time back, I was working for a very ambitious Latina who was doing very well selling make-up and clothes to other Latinas in the area. And she was a really big fan of Shakira. I’d never heard of her before, but of course, she was huge. I didn’t especially care for her music, but there was one song that immediately captured me, “Animal City.”

I like the cynical lyrics. “It’s an animal city, it’s a cannibal world.” And: “Your family got bigger when they thought you were rich.” But mostly, it is the music. I love the use of semitone major chord changes. It’s very punk, but done with far more sophistication. For example, there is a riff after the chorus that goes back and forth between a D major and a C# major 7th. Very effective!

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