Dems Stand Up to Obama — for the Wrong Thing

Obama CopeLast week I reported, Congressional Democrats Plot to Kill Iran Deal. It included a picture of the ever slappable Chuck Schumer. Well, now it has come to pass, although it isn’t nearly as bad as I had feared. According to Reuters, In Setback, Obama Concedes Congress Role on Iran Deal. Before I get to the deal, let me just note how annoying this is. There are all kinds of things that the Congressional Democrats could have decided to stand up to Obama on: drones, NSA, Libya. But this is what they care about: a deal that is shaping up to be great for the west — far better than could have been expected. And this is what they stand up for. Let’s hope they show similar steel when it comes to fast tracking the TPP.

So this little law will give Congress 30 days to look over the deal. During that time, Obama will not be able to stop some portion of the sanctions against Iran. And the administration will be mandated to send regular “detailed” reports about “Iran’s support for terrorism, ballistic missiles, and nuclear program.” So really, all this law is doing is messing around with the administration. It is a symbolic vote for these idiots to say, “We’re strong! We only believe in bombing campaigns! Heil Netanyahu!”

A lot of people are talking about the fact that if a Republican wins the presidential election in 2016, all this will come to an end on 20 January 2017. But there is just one thing. The rest of the world isn’t as crazy and spiteful as the Republican Party specifically and the American people more broadly. Germany, France, and the rest are still going to lift sanctions. All the United States is doing by acting so stupidly is isolating itself. I’ve long maintained that the day is coming — perhaps even in my lifetime when the rest of the world is going to have to go to war against a fascist United States. And make no mistake: that is what this is about. For the Republicans and many of the Democrats, this is about thinking that America can have anything it wants by sending troops and dropping bombs.

But this latest bit of “legislating” just hammers home the point that Congress can’t do anything. This is just another symbolic measure. It also shows that the only time that the Republicans and the Democrats can get along with each other is when they acting stupidly and making things worse. I still expect the Iran deal to go through. But according to Reuters, “European officials have said that worries about a possible spoiler role for Congress have undermined the US delegation’s credibility in the talks and raised questions about the Obama administration’s ability to deliver on commitments.” So there is no doubt that this is making things harder.

Where are the Democrats and the Republicans demanding to know what is in the TPP? Where is the outrage about even considering allowing it to be rammed through Congress? Could it be that Chuck Schumer has a whole bunch of Wall Street funders who really want this deal? Could it be that Schumer is not alone? Could it be that our government is bought and paid for by corporate interests? Does voting even matter? We will find out very soon. And I’m not hopeful.

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