Anniversary Post: Prince Charles’ Wedding

Prince Charles and Camilla Parker BowlesToday in the tenth wedding anniversary of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles. I think this is great because they have been in a love a long time and their love was denied BY the expectations of their situation. I have never been one of those fans of Princess Diana. Other than being something of a fashion icon, who cares? It’s sad she’s dead, but it is also sad that Charles was forced to marry her. And if you ask me, Diana acted rather gauche once the marriage went south. Of course, the reporting — at least here in America — always made her out to be long suffering and him as some kind of villain.

I have no use for the royal family. But they are the perfect modern celebrities. They are useless. And they are known for being known. I don’t know why Americans — just out of a sense of national pride — don’t hate the royal family. We did, after all, start a war just to get away from them. They represent everything that our country is supposed to be against. In their defense, at least the royal family is explicitly a blood line aristocracy. Here in the United States we still hold on to the myth of meritocracy, even while we deprive poor children of a decent education.

But I’m glad that Charles and Camilla got married and are now celebrating their tin anniversary. Even useless people have a right to good lives and for expressing their love to the people they actually love.

Happy anniversary Charles and Camilla!

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