Morning Music: Translator

Heartbeats and Triggers - TranslatorWill sent me a long list of songs that I should do for the Morning Music posts. They are not particular favorites of his, just some random things that came to mind — totally in keeping with the idea of Morning Music. I thought I would present the one song that most spoke to me: “Everywhere that I’m Not” by Translator off their first album, Heartbeats and Triggers.

Will and I have a long history with this amazingly great band. They were a San Francisco band and we used to see them at little venues like the Cotati Cabaret. They were great live; they were great on vinyl; they were just great. It’s just a four piece outfit with Steve Barton and Robert Darlington on guitars, vocals, and songwriting.

Many people think that “Everywhere That I’m Not” is about the death of John Lennon. It is not. It is about a guy who thinks he sees his girlfriend everywhere. But he knows it can’t be her, because in his mind she is off everywhere else having a great time. Without him. It could be a really depressing song, but instead, it is quirky good fun.

“You’re in New York, but I’m not. You’re in Tokyo but I’m not. You’re in Nova Scotia, but I’m not. Yeah, you’re everywhere that I’m not.”

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