Birthday Post: Martin Short

Martin ShortToday, Martin Short turns the big six-five. He is, of course, one of the most brilliant comedians of the last many decades. I know him originally from SCTV, but most people know him from Saturday Night Live, I assume. Since then, I know him more as simply the best talk show guest ever. In general, when I watch something like The Daily Show, I won’t watch the interview if it is an actor or a comedian. But I always watch whatever I can from Short. He’s just delightful. He’s as quick witted as Robin Williams, but I can follow him.

One of my favorite of his characters is Nathan Thurm, the nervous sleazy lawyer. Here is a great bit where Robert F Kennedy Jr interviews him as the lawyer for “Big Oil, Inc.” It’s from roughly a decade ago. Today, it almost doesn’t play as comedy. It is so much like what climate change deniers get away with in the mainstream media. Still, it’s brilliant:

Happy birthday Martin Short!

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