Morning Music: Pal Shazar

Shazar No 5 - Pal ShazarDo you know what happened this week? Dancing With the Stars reappeared on the television. Just knowing that makes me feel dirty. I would go take a bath, but I’m not that keen on bathing. But somehow, the world must be cleansed. We could use many things, but at the moment I don’t feel like any Dead Kennedys or Minutemen. And given that I’ve been thinking a lot about Jules Shear, I thought it might be nice to listen to some of Pal Shazar’s music.

It really is hard to choose. For one thing, she just isn’t well enough known to have a lot of material online. And nothing is quite perfect for the occasion. But I’ve decided on “Hang Me” from Shazar No 5. But People Talk and When I First Met You are also excellent.

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