Morning Music: Eric & Suzy Thompson

Dream ShadowsOne of the first blog posts I wrote was, Music Worth Listening To: Eric & Suzy Thompson. They are a husband and wife duo who are probably best known for their work in bluegrass. But they also do a lot of Cajun music and blues. In fact, it was from their performance of “Skinny Leg Blues” that I discovered Geeshie Wiley.

I also use about five seconds of sound from their version of “Last Kind Word” as the exit music for my videos. That’s also a Geeshie Wiley tune. Unfortunately, there isn’t that much of their music online that is of high quality. It’s mostly all a lot of handheld camera phones, and those really annoy me. So here they are doing two Cajun songs. First is “Balfa Waltz.” And then they immediately go into “Lake Arthur Stomp”:

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